Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Gretchen and I moved to Austin within a day of each other. I can't even remember when we met, except I think it was on my first Sunday at church. Although the specifics are unclear, I always remember my time in Austin beginning with my friendship with Gretchen. Austin and Gretchen will always be tied memories.

What made us click right away? It wasn't just that we found ourselves in similar circumstances . . .* We also have similar tastes and ideas. She was with me during my first SXSW concert (See SXSW, Part 1.), and she was with me on the trip down to the Blue Bell factory (See Touring an Ice Cream Factory.). In fact, I've done so many things with Gretchen, that you can do a whole search for her name in my blog, and there are at least a dozen results! (Oh, look! We took an archery class together! And we saw Sir Paul McCartney in concert! Wow! We have done amazing things together!)

My point is that Gretchen is the best. She's an amazing friend and one that I never tire of being around. She's one of the smartest people I know, and she's funny, fun, and easygoing. She's also a great cook, an excellent writer (Check out her blog, Gretchen Alice in Wonderland.), and has wonderful fashion sense (though I prefer her fashion to include a pixie cut!).

If you don't know Gretchen, you should make it a life goal to meet her. I'll even fly out of my way to introduce you.

*Huh. The more I think about what it is exactly that I like about her, the more I am reminded of my childhood friend Kelly, and I dunno . . . Something about that seems comforting.

Thing I'm thankful for: rest.


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