Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Kind of Californian Are You?

One of these days, I'm gonna create the world's first BuzzFeed quiz on which California city best matches people because here's what: I'm learning the distinctions already! Every city, of course, has its own nuanced way that people live, but I'm finding that in California, those distinctions are stark. They seem that way right now, at least. (I'll have to revisit this post in 6 months to see if I still think this way.)

So far, here is what I've observed:
  • San Francisco -- young, hip, and single people
  • East Palo Alto -- young, hip, and single people and gangs
  • Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park -- workaholics
  • Berkeley -- hippies and foodies and people with strict eating habits
  • San Jose -- families and the working class
  • Los Gatos -- the filthy rich
  • Santa Cruz -- surfers, skateboarders, and hippies
  • Anywhere outside of the Bay Area, but minus Southern California -- normal people
If you're wondering, I fit in Santa Cruz. I guess I'm kind of a hippie at heart. I don't wear much makeup, I like a chill vibe, and I don't put on airs, as they say. I have no hidden agendas; I basically just want to take a walk in the afternoon sun, listen to the waves, and maybe get some ice cream at a local creamery.

And that's exactly what I did today. I spent my entire afternoon in Santa Cruz, running a while and stopping a while to watch surfers catch some waves. I loved every minute of it.

Natural Bridges State Beach

A natural bridge!

Close up!

Smooth, weather-worn rocks.

I guess this is one of the benefits of living near the beach. You can write messages to people in the sand. (Note to self: Write a message in the sand to someone.)

Surfer dudes. (See all of those dots in the water? Those are surfer dudes!)

Thing I'm thankful for: running into friends.


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