Saturday, April 06, 2013


I surprised my sister in New York City today.  She's having a baby shower this weekend and wanted me to be here . . .  I said I couldn't and actually wasn't planning on it, but after my brother-in-law asked me to come, I decided to make the trip.

The plan was to surprise her on the way to dinner.  So here she is, along with her husband and my mom,* walking to Prime and Beyond.  I was just sitting on a stoop, pretending to read something on my smartphone.

Pretty cute, huh?  :)

Thing I'm thankful for: mini cakes from Black Hound


Blogger Amy Stone said...

Dearest Sara love,
1) I don't know if love anything more than surprise re-unitings. I'm all warm inside seeing you made your sister that happy. (I had to watch it muted because London is asleep next to me).
2) I like your fake leather jacket and think it looks quite sleek - even if you think the cab driver saw right through you
3) I also like comments on my blog - but I don't blog anymore and for some reason I keep wondering why I've stopped writing in my journal. I like your blog and I like that you like to write in it. I also like that you are a good writer and are thoughtful.
4) I used to sign up for the word of the day - but I decided to get rid of daily emails because they are like fake greetings. I get excited to find emails in the morning, but then I find out its just my automated junk friend. However - I am missing out on words like equivocal - which I thought meant something completely different.
5) I wish I could travel to NY. This should have been number two - but was it all worth it? And were you freezing? And how was the big city? And are you up there all week? I realized I don't know your siblings.
6) I also realized that every comment has part to do with you and mostly to do with me. haha - I'm so sneaky and self centered :)
7) You can surprise visit me in Hawaii anytime. I am in special need of visitors lately, too. Come anytime. I have a queen bed and a beach for you.
Lovey love,

1:29 AM  

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