Thursday, February 07, 2013

My Celebrity Friends

Nearly seven years ago, I quit keeping up with Hollywood cold turkey.  In the last couple of years, however, my avoidance has lessened.  It started with glancing at magazine covers while waiting in line at the grocery store, and lately, it has turned into me reading celebrity gossip on  I'm not proud of it.  In fact, I think keeping up with celebrity gossip is a ridiculous hobby and a bad habit.  But there's one celebrity-related thing that I think is okay: Watching or reading interviews.  My most favorite activity of all-time is to learn about people -- famous or not.  Celebrity interviews just happen to be more accessible sometimes.  I mean, when I have some time to kill online, it's just so easy to browse to an Inside the Actors Studio* episode and get lost in the life of someone interesting.

Killing time becomes especially important to me when I'm exercising because let's face it:  I'm not crazy about running.  I've never gotten that "runner's high" that seemingly everyone in the world except me has experienced.  So when I saw my gym's copy of Good Housekeeping with Drew Barrymore on the cover, I was excited to mix up my workout a bit.  Instead of running, I briskly walked on the treadmill while reading.

And I discovered something:  I think I would be good friends with Drew Barrymore, if I knew her.  I really do.  This got me thinking:  What other celebrities or famous people do I honestly think I would be friends with?**  Here's who:
I would want to be friends with these people, but probably wouldn't because for some reason, they seem a bit intimidating to me:
Of course, there are famous people I think I would clash with big-time, but it's probably not nice to make a list of them.  So I won't.

What about you, readers?  Is there a famous person you think you would get along swimmingly with?

*I think James Lipton has one of the best jobs in the world; I'm not even kidding.
**While writing this post, I vaguely remembered writing something similar years ago.  Sure enough, I did:  I think We Could Be Friends.

Thing I'm thankful for: apples dipped in a cream cheese/brown sugar mixture


Blogger Unknown said...

I totally do this except with musicians! Ingrid Michaelson is my pretend best friend!!

6:09 AM  
Blogger Gretchen Alice said...

True story--my mom brought that issue of Good Housekeeping with her on her trip last weekend. When I read the Drew Barrymore article, I had the exact same thought! She seems really cool.

8:35 AM  

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