Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, folks -- It's time for the obligatory Thanksgiving post. The one where bloggers worldwide post what they are grateful for . . .

So I'll add to all of it, and while my pumpkin pie is baking, I'll tell you what I'm most grateful for right this second:
  • Friends. Friends in Atlanta, and friends here in Texas.
  • Moving to Texas. What??? It's true. It was a necessary step in my life's progression. I wasn't growing enough in Georgia. :/
  • Tender mercies. Those moments are hard to explain, but they come in the form of finishing homework when I thought it couldn't be done, having a friend ask me if I was alright, and avoiding traffic tickets by thisclose.
  • Moving help. I've had a lot of it this year . . .
Then there's family. There's always family. I'm thankful for MommyDaddy, Cami, Summer, Brooks, Blake, and Lexi. And all of their spouses and kids. Love you guys.


Blogger Amy Stone said...

and i'm grateful for sara - and knowing that she's always a good friend even when I haven't seen her Happy Thanksgiving!

12:03 AM  

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