Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tangled came out on DVD today. Did you get your copy yet? I got mine! You can get it at Target for $15.99!

Here are some interesting facts about the movie:
  • It's Disney's 50th animated film.
  • It's the first CGI musical.
  • It's the most expensive animated film ever made.
  • It's the second highest grossing animated film after The Lion King.

I'm sure part of the reason I like "Tangled" is because I saw it in the theater with one of my nieces, so I already have positive memories associated with it, but I also just liked the story. Rapunzel is locked in a tower for years and years, but what does she do while she's in there? According to Disney, she reads and paints and cleans and gets interested in astronomy. In one of the first songs, Rapunzel asks, "When will my life begin?" But while she's waiting, she is working and learning. She is curious.

She also has freckles. She has wide feet. (When you have big feet, you notice those kinds of things . . .) She doesn't wear a cleavage-bearing dress for the duration of the movie. She has emotional ups and downs. By the end, she has short, brown, sassy hair.

Blame it on my singlehood or my feminist ideology, but I am all for a different kind of princess. I want one who seems like she thinks, and Tangled's Rapunzel does. Sure, she's still beautiful and has a wonderful singing voice, and her love interest is cute and hyper-masculine. I don't know if those characteristics will ever change in movies, nor do I know if I want or need them to. My point is, is that I liked this movie for the same reasons that I liked Shrek when I saw it -- it takes a princess and makes her modest and smart and strong. And it does it by being as real as an animated movie can be.

And it's funny.

Buy it! Or watch it! Or both!

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Anonymous cami said...

I am buying it this weekend! The kids and I have not seen it yet BUT Rapunzel, The Princess and the Pea and The Frog Prince are my most favorite fairy tales EVER!! I am soo excited that my favorites are finally making it to the big screen!! Thanks for the info on it, Sawa :)

12:15 AM  
Blogger Gretchen Alice said...

I LOVE Tangled. I saw it right after I moved to Austin and decided that Rapunzel was going to be my role model for exploring my new world.

11:12 AM  
Blogger katie j said...

$14.99 at Best Buy :) Watched it last night. "Best! Day! Ever!"

4:13 PM  
Blogger Eve said...

I just watched it yesterday- 3 times! And I still teared up :) One of my favorite Disney princess movies!!

6:36 AM  
Blogger Liezel said...

Dallin and I went and saw it and we both loved it, for just the reasons you described. She has her head on straight and has a plan and is so productive and curious. We were laughing out loud in parts. And Dallin has taken to perfecting his "smolder"

10:59 AM  

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