Thursday, July 01, 2010

No Rules. Just WRONG!

That's what BYU research says, anyway. See? Teens and alcohol study: Parenting style can prevent binge drinking.

Here are the take-away points:
  • The teens least prone to heavy drinking had parents who scored high on both accountability and warmth.
  • Teens with “indulgent” parents—those low on accountability and high on warmth—had triple the risk of heavy drinking.
  • Teens with “strict” parents—high on accountability and low on warmth—were more than twice as likely to engage in heavy drinking.
After reading this, my mind immediately went to that great scene in Mean Girls, in which Amy Poehler plays a "cool mom." It's the perfect example of what not to do as a parent.

Watch it!
Mean Girls: Cool Mom

Thing I'm thankful for: good parents! Though actually, I think they could've been a little higher on the accountability side. (But I promise I didn't binge drink!) :)


Blogger Jacki said...

Nice. Now if only I could find out how to be the perfect mix...

But if my kids are going to drink, I'd rather them drink in the house. :)

11:45 AM  
Blogger Ashley Terry said...

I'm gonna make you girls a hump-day treat!

That's a great article - thanks for sharing. It made me think of a few of my friends parents, and it seemed to hold quite true. But being a parent sure seems like tough stuff sometimes!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sara, I don't know why I wasn't tipped off to your blog until now, but I love love love love LOVE it. You have been officially added to my queue in Google Reader. :)

4:43 PM  

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