Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Offline for 5 Days

Until tonight, I hadn't checked my e-mail for 5 days. Yep -- 5 whole days. I realized this tonight and told a couple of people, and they were both a bit shocked. I didn't even notice, though. I've been really busy this weekend, helping Brooks and Jacki paint their new house, and I've just been busy with friends and family and the holiday. In fact, I didn't miss it at all.

So what happens when I don't check my e-mail for 5 days? Well, I had 55 new messages in my inbox, 34 were actually worth something, and half of those were just subscription e-mails. All in all, I got about 3 interesting e-mails a day. It's kind of sad, actually -- I feel like I should be more popular or something . . . :)

My Google Reader was full, too -- I'm sorry, friends, that I haven't commented on your new posts! I'll get to them when I have a little more time . . .

Thing I'm thankful for: painting walls.


Blogger Melissa said...

Sara, we just moved and I went a whole week without internet...needless to say that there were tons of emails waiting for me when I finally reconnected!

5:32 PM  
Blogger jet said...

I'm impressed Sara! :)

8:57 PM  

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