Thursday, March 01, 2007

Identical Twins?

Lauren and I were reminiscing about the good ol' alternative music days. We listened to clips on iTunes for at least a couple of hours, going from Temple of the Dog to Bush to Blur. At some point, we of course ended up on a page for Soundgarden, and that led us to marvel at the beauty that is Chris Cornell's voice. Lauren remarked that it is the perfect blend of singing and screaming. I think it's just the vocal equivalent of his good looks.

Google image search, anyone?

Behold, a grunge Adonis:

Now, as we were perusing Chris Cornell images, I made an awesome connection. For some reason, at that moment in time, I realized that Chris Cornell is the male counterpart to . . . Julia Ormond. I mean, they could be brother and sister! They are both such pretty people, but they also look alike!

Check it out!

Maybe you don't see it, but I think they could be identical twins or something . . .

Anyway . . . this is one of my hobbies -- to determine who people resemble. I like to think about which celebrities regular people look like, too. Oh, and of course I like to do impersonations and accents. It's kind of a passion. :)

Thing I'm thankful for: being in a safe, cozy apartment. I'm a pretty lucky girl.


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