Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Congealed Goo and a Loaded Question

It's 3:45 a.m., and I just finished making candied sweet potatoes for my office work party tomorrow. When I say I "finished" them, I mean I somehow messed up the sauce so that now it looks like brown snot all over the sweet potatoes. Gross. I have no idea what happened. Well, actually, I think I cooked the sauce too long because I pulled a Cathy Snow and forgot about the pan on the stove. I never even use the stove for this recipe, usually. I always -- and I mean always -- use the microwave. Who knows why I decided after 4 years of making this sauce, to try something new. That's what's wrong with me. I try new things under pressure, which inevitably leads to anxiety or failure, and so I don't like trying new things.

I mean, I can't begin to describe the embarrassment and shame I feel when something I bake doesn't come out right. Baking is the one of the only areas I feel pretty competent in (as far as homemakers -- not pastry chefs -- go). I get red in the face just thinking about those sweet potatoes. I'm thinking about not taking them to work tomorrow. I'll sleep on it and decide in the morning . . .

Because I'm so mentally distraught, I'm going to keep blogging for a few minutes. I'm using two questions from the game Loaded Questions as my prompt.

What muscle would you flex if you wanted to intimidate somebody?
My brain. Ha ha! The brain isn't even made of muscle; it's nervous tissue! I hate it when people refer to it as a muscle to be exercised.

If you could have been a star in any movie, which movie would you choose?
Well, I guess I'd like to star in an English movie. Like "Emma."

**Update: Since writing this post almost two weeks ago, I might have changed my mind on the 2nd loaded question. "Funny Girl" is a possible upset. "You think beautiful girls are gonna stay in style forevah? I SHOULD SAY NOT!"

Thing I'm thankful for: premium cotton rounds from CVS.


Blogger Jacki said...

Together, the funny thing is that even if the recipe that you are making doesn't turn out the way YOU thought, it is ALWAYS DELICIOSO!

8:13 AM  
Blogger Leezy Lindsey said...

I'm the same way Sara. I HATE it when I make something and it doesn't turn out right. I made those potatoes for a ward activity and they ended up mashed instead of in cut-up chunks. People ate them but I knew that they were all wrong.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Lexia said...

I don't have a muscle to flex and I'm probably picking "Emma" too ('cause I already know the lines and I love the costumes). I take it back - "Pretty in Pink" is what I choose! Or "The Goonies." Crap! I dunno...

10:59 AM  

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