Friday, September 02, 2005

When Atlanta Gas Prices Rise, Go To New York

I am in my sister's East Village apartment right now -- I really think that if Hell was a real place, it would only be a little hotter than her living room. We just came back from The Magnolia Bakery, where we bought the prettiest cupcakes anyone could ever lay eyes on. Sadly, the bakery was OUT of banana pudding, but I will not despair -- we're going back on Tuesday. . . (I should probably point out that besides being deliciously pretty, the desserts are also VERY good. They're like Pringles that way; once you pop, you CAN'T stop!!!)
Anyway, mom and I are here in the Big Apple visiting Lexia. We've already taken some pretty fun pictures, so when I get home on Wednesday, I will post them. Just to give you an idea of what kind of captions you can look forward to are those that include such establishments as The Magnolia Bakery, The Marshall Chess Club, and . . . Fantasy World? :)

Thing I'm thankful for today: Air conditioning (because we don't have it here!) and one more -- that feeling I always get at takeoff in a plane. I LOVE it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NYC is the coolest place! Man, I wish I was there again. What up Lexia!

C. Lawson

3:25 PM  

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