Sunday, July 17, 2005

Yet Another Wedding!

Saturday I went to Andrea Sapp's wedding (I only list her here because I only know her, not her husband). For those of you who know Andrea, you know that she is just about the most cheerful and nice person you could ever meet. I met her my sophomore year in college, and until she moved to Valdosta, we had so much fun together!!! But I think everyone knew she just HAD to get down to Valdosta for some reason. And whadaya know? She met "Moose" almost as soon as she moved! YAY!

So. Here are the pics. The wedding took place at St. Stephen's in Lilburn, GA. (I drove there all by myself! Cool!) I didn't know whether I was allowed to take pictures in their chapel, so I didn't. But I do have these great pictures from the reception. Keep in mind that I only knew 5 people there, so these 5 people are the only ones I took pictures of. :)

The reception was held at Winfield Hall in Duluth. Check out the awesome lights. How fun is that?

Here's the beautiful bride! Hello, GORGEOUS! (Wow, you can insert "Funny Girl" quotes anywhere!)

Here are two of the pretty maids. They're (from left) Maria, Andrea's older sister, and Lea.

This is what the bridesmaids' bouquets looked like. They were, of course, beautiful.

Here's Lea and her friend Scott. I'm so glad Scott went to the wedding because he knew less people than I did, and since the people we knew were all in the wedding party, we had each other to talk to while pictures were being taken. So, uhhh, thanks for bringing Scott, Lea. :)

Andrea, Margaret, and Lea get down to some country song. It was some sort of line-dance, I think.

The music was excellent, by the way. In this picture, Andrea's family danced to Dean Martin's "That's Amore!" It's important to point out that Andrea's family is Italian. No, you wouldn't know it by Andrea's complexion, but they are. And at that particular moment, I was wishing I was Italian. Oh bene!

Here I am with the bride. I almost didn't put this picture on here because ummm, I LOOK LIKE A GIANT(!!!) standing next to Andrea. But wait 'til you see the picture of her and her new husband!

Here's Maria and Andrea. Awww, sisters are special. (Sorry about the bad photo quality; it's not the camera I usually use.)

Lea, Andrea, and me. I met Andrea and Margaret through Lea;they were all roommates at UWG. We had some very exciting times back then, and it was fun to see everyone again. Ahh, those fun college days. Hmmm, yeah. Those were probably my favorite times in college. Thanks, girls. (I know Lexia is sad she couldn't make it; she misses you girls, too!)

Margaret and me. Margaret looks great and tan. (You'd think SHE was the Italian one!) It was nice to have Margaret there; I mean, we were probably the only two single people, besides the kids. YES!!! I love being fun and free and single! Marriage. HA! Who needs it? :)

Margaret, me, and Lea. Didn't we coordinate this picture nicely? Who DOESN'T love some pink?!?

I LIVE FOR WEDDING CAKE. This cake was soooo goooood. It was moist and creamy. The frosting wasn't too sugary, and cake had a smooth vanilla flavor, not a cheap-we-skimped-on-vanilla flavor. It wasn't all dry and chalky like so many wedding cakes are these days. So how did I handle this delightful discovery? I asked for another piece, of course! AND I found out that the cake is from Publix. Hmmm, I wonder how much wedding cakes cost. . .

So now you finally get to see "Moose," and maybe you'll even understand why that's his nickname. Hmmm, I don't know how I feel about "cutting the cake." It looks fun, but I think it's too messy for me. :)

So here's the final picture of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rhodes. CONGRATULATIONS!


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