Thursday, November 24, 2005


I'm sorry I haven't been posting these last few days; I've been busy preparing for this day -- this wonderful, glorious holiday! It's too bad other countries don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I think it's a pretty great idea for a holiday. I think there's no other food better than festive American dishes. When I'm asked what my favorite food is, I always say it's Italian. But after helping my mom with dinner tonight, I decided that American food is pretty good, too. And probably better. Yeah, it's better. It's my favorite.

So I ask you this, readers: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Mine? It really is a tie -- between turkey and pumpkin pie. YUM.

Thing I'm thankful for: See previous post.


Anonymous Lexia said...

Turkey and Pumpkin pie (with mom's whipped cream)! Also mom's stuffing. You should put on your Pro Chocolate blog a recipe for chocolate sauce for turkey. In the movie "Chocolat" they poured a chocolate sauce over the turkey. I remember that scene like I remember meeting the Kings of Convenience singer. Mmm...yummy.

1:13 AM  

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