Tuesday, November 24, 2020

My Political Ideology


I subscribed to NYT Cooking tonight so I could get my hands on a cranberry curd tart recipe, which I'm very excited about. After I entered my information and paid the subscription fee, I was asked to take a quick survey. There were questions about my age, gender, employment status, and reading habits. Then I got this question:

I didn't know what to click for my political ideology, so I asked Daryl. He immediately said, "Liberal." This led to a short discussion about our political perspectives and why he thinks we land where we do. I guess it took me a little by surprise. I've always said I was "moderate but a little left-leaning" because . . . If I'm honest, I kinda want to be moderate. But Daryl answered so quickly -- no hesitation at all. I wondered if that's how others see me, too.

It's just interesting -- thinking about how to label my political ideology and then about how people see me. My mom certainly thinks I'm liberal and that it's a product of my "liberal education in Austin." Ha! But in other places I've lived, I'd probably be labeled "conservative." Or would I? Maybe not anymore. I just don't know. It's something to think about, though.

Thing I'm thankful for: herbs and spices!


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