Sunday, February 10, 2013

Family Ties

My sister once taught a student who said, "We're all brothers and sisters in God's way."  And it's true; we are.  We are all brothers and sisters, connected by our innate divinity.  I appreciate that idea; it informs much of my religious beliefs.  But there is something truly great about biological family, isn't there?

Tonight, I caught up with my cousin, who is in town for just a few days.  She and her husband and two of their kids flew out to Texas for an unexpected visit.  We ate and talked and laughed at his family's house, and it was such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.  I was reminded that my family is smart and funny and generous and extremely easygoing.  They are also really honest and "authentic," as the French existentialists would say.  I love that about my family.  I love that about me.  I love those qualities in other people, too.

Sure, there are negative aspects to my family's way of life, but in general, we're pretty great together.  Being around them all -- no matter how well I know them -- makes me feel at home with myself and reminds me of the things I value in people who are not related to me:  Confidence!  Intellect!  Informality!  And a healthy appetite!  I could list so much more, but instead I'll end this post by saying I'm proud to be a Snow and a Schmitt.  I love, love, love to be around my crazy, loud, and opinionated families.  What a treat it was to spend the evening getting to know them better.

Thing I'm thankful for: that cheesy rice casserole thing I ate for dinner


Blogger cardlady said...

Well said daughter!
We are a fun and pretty functional family! Love you as the AZ Indians say,
Big Much!

10:14 AM  

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