Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Austin: The Fastest-Growing City in the U.S.

According to Forbes, anyway: 10 Fastest-Growing U.S. Cities of 2013

Pretty cool, huh?  Who knew I'd be such a trendsetter when I moved here two years ago?  ;)

But seriously, despite the regrets I may have had and the anxiety I went through in deciding to move here, Austin really is a fun place.  I've listed things I like about it before,* but let me share some more with you:
  • It's close to other big and interesting cities, such as San Antonio and Houston, which are also on the fastest-growing cities list.
  • There are plenty of hike and bike trails all over the place; one of them follows the perimeter of Town Lake, which offers a great view of the cityscape.
  • People here are all about recycling.
  • People here are all about exercise.
  • People here are all about comfortable clothing.  You can wear your All-Stars to pretty much anything but church.
  • There's lots of facial hair goin' on.
  • It's so windy!
  • Sometimes the UT campus has an inexplicable syrup smell that wafts through the air.  (It's not just me, folks.  This is apparently an Austin phenomenon.)

*See Thing I'm Thankful for: Austin.

Thing I'm thankful for: my gray flared cords.


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