Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Spring = Time for People to Get Married

For this post, I'm actually using my "blog" as a web log. That is, there will be no fun links...sorry. Today I found myself thinking about marriage. Why? Well, I just came home from my brother's wedding, went to campus today and found out that two friends I know just eloped, and in about a month, another couple I know will be getting married. What is it with weddings in the spring? They all just happen so fast, too. I know, I know; spring means rejuvenation, flowers blooming, insects that you haven't seen in a while coming back, etc. It's really the perfect time to start a life together... But sometimes it makes me feel left out. :) Then I remembered this article I read a while ago, and well, this brings me to a link. (I thought I could avoid it, but I just can't.) It's under the heading, "Campus Life" and is called "Married People." The guy who wrote it is Brigham Barnes (a friend of my sister) and he has a hilariously funny blog, which can be found here. Anyway, just read it.


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