Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Great British Bake-Off

What can I say about reality TV? It's generally awful. "The Real World" was extremely entertaining in its heyday, and when those match-making shows, such as "Joe Millionaire" and "The Bachelor," made their way into homes across America, I was fascinated. But the fascination didn't last long. I think, for me, reality television has to have an educational component in order to keep my attention. So the first few seasons of "Project Runway"and "America's Next Top Model" were wonderful in that way, but as usual in reality TV, the producers of those shows started to focus on the drama between the contestants, rather than the topic of the show.

Not so with The Great British Bake-Off. Although only in its 6th season, I have high hopes that it won't come to such a pitiful end. Of course I would love it, since it's to do with baking, but I didn't love "America's Next Great Baker." Sure, I watched every episode of the first two seasons, but I won't ever watch it again. Why? Because not only does it focus almost exclusively on cake-decorating (which is only one very small aspect of baking), it again succumbs to the drama-for-easy-ratings problem.

"The Great British Bake-Off," on the other hand, is educational, competitive, and heartfelt. (I even teared up today while watching the fourth episode of Season 4. So sad to see you go, Ali!) It's my absolute favorite reality television of all-time.*

Here are some clips from Season 5, in case you want to get a taste of this wonderful, wonderful show:
What a lovely pear!
Mary's tiramisu

*Bonus: The show allows me to practice my British-isms! Here's an example: "I'm gutted. Just gutted." Translation: "I'm so sad."

Thing I'm thankful for: lazy Saturdays


Blogger cardlady said...

I'll have to watch it. I had a fun Saturday today too. Spent time at Lowe's and Home Depot helping Summer and time with Brooks' kids and Brooks. Love this fam damily.

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