Saturday, February 21, 2015

Food Rants

Dark chocolate
My good friend Pete is a chef, and more specifically, he's a chocolatier. I recently asked him whether he preferred dark chocolate or milk chocolate. He spoke as though he was telling me a secret. "I'm supposed to say 'dark chocolate,'" he said, "but I like milk chocolate." I love that he said that. Because who's kidding who, here? Dark chocolate is only great when it has at least 70% cocoa and a lot of fat. Milk chocolate, on the other hand, is pretty good whenever.

Cream cheese frosting
It's gross, y'all. Unless it tops a cake that has vegetables in it, such as carrot cake. I think people think they're supposed to love cream cheese frosting, but seriously? Frosting is supposed to be sweet! Just give me the good stuff: powdered sugar, butter, and milk!

Rich desserts
I probably roll my eyes when people say, "Oh, this dessert is too rich." I think people who say that just don't want people to think they're gluttonous or fat. JUST PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!

Thing I'm thankful for: freedom of speech. Ha!


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