Friday, January 25, 2013


Sometimes people play movies for background noise.  My roommate does this.  She'll put a movie on when she's studying, working, or cooking -- any number of things, really.  I've tried to do the same, but movies . . .  Movies never fail to captivate me.  It could be the dumbest movie on the planet, and I will always get distracted from the task at hand.

For example, tonight I had to bake lots and lots of cake balls (well, Oreo balls, to be exact).  I put "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the DVD player and genuinely thought I'd be safe.  I'd just bake, bake, bake in the kitchen, listen to Johnny Depp work that pirate magic, and glance at the TV every once in a while.  It was not to be so.

I spent more time in the living room than I did in the kitchen.  And I watched it in a string of those "oh-I'll-just-sit-on-the-armrest-of-the-couch-to-catch-this-part-'cause-it'll-only-be-for-a-minute" deals.  So I half-sat, half-reclined on the armrest during most of the movie, and I was riveted.  Just riveted.  I had forgotten so many lines!  I had forgotten how fun action movies can be!  I had forgotten how great Johnny Depp looks in eyeliner!

After the movie was over, I put another one in: "Pocahontas."  This time I was better.  (But also I fast-forwarded through the less interesting scenes and songs.)  I admitted to myself that I'm addicted to movies, and I think that helped.  After all, the first step is recognizing I have a problem, right?


Thing I'm thankful for: items on clearance!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More like, you're a creature that pays attention ! I'm the same way though.. If I do something, I'll be all there.. Movies, music, cooking, cleaning, work, homework.. :)

7:55 AM  
Blogger tck4texas said...

Next time just sit on the couch itself...Saavy?

7:01 AM  

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