Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All My Fault

Sometimes when my mom and I are talking to each other via cell phone, the call is dropped.  Maybe someone can explain this to me someday.  I mean, even when both parties have a full signal, something goes awry.  Mysterious . . .

Still, when my mom calls back after such an occurrence, she always says something like this:  "All of my bars are full.  It wasn't my phone; it was yours."  Ha!  Attaching blame to someone for a dropped call is totally ridiculous, mom!

It's not just my momma, though.  A lot of people seem to think similarly.  I just don't understand why it's necessary to have a conversation about whose service is the poorer one.  Ah, well.  It makes for a good laugh, usually.


Thing I'm thankful for: good advice


Blogger cardlady said...

Well you know for the last two years I was having dropped calls via verizon because of the hills in San Antonio.
So I KNEW it was my service. Now, however I have full 5 or 6 bars!
Hahahaha. Love you. Mom

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Jeanette Wheable said...

We always say "Guess our quarter ran out" which refers to the good ole days when we had to use pay phones and put a quarter in and make the call... Sometimes I think it is just the universe ending the call when we are actually "done" but not done talking??? Funny how that works sometimes :)

11:02 AM  

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