Friday, November 20, 2020

It Takes a While To Run Into Someone Incredible

Sometimes I wish Daryl and I were celebrities and that Daryl was being awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. The American Film Institute would ask me to speak about him before he receives the award, and I'd have to get on stage in front of dozens of cameras and hundreds of people to say all the things I love about him. It wouldn't be difficult. I often daydream about what I'd say or how I'd inevitably tear up and laugh at myself and look across the room at him, and he would look right back and laugh, too. And then everyone would wish they were married to someone like Daryl 'cause he's the best.

I told him earlier this week that he's my Amal Clooney. Let me explain:

George Clooney was a bachelor into his 50s. Women the world over swooned for him, and while I myself never did, I can definitely see the draw -- he's handsome, has a lovely swarthy and salt-and-pepper complexion, is playful and good-naturedly mischievous, and always seems to have a twinkle in his eye. These traits would be harmless for a man in his twenties, but for a man in his 50s, they are signs of rakishness. They are the reasons he can't hold onto a partner and will be forever confined to bachelorhood. That's what all the magazine articles said, anyway, and maybe George Clooney began to believe them.

But then he met Amal Alamuddin, who is gorgeous and what's more -- she's extremely intelligent, well-spoken, and kind. She's a lawyer who fights for human rights and shines a spotlight on crimes against humanity. Reading about her makes me want to be her friend.

As soon as the two got engaged, it's as though celebrity gossip columnists and Clooney fans everywhere said, "Oh. That's why he was single for so long." Clearly, he wanted no mere marriage. He wanted someone incredible, and it takes a while to run into someone incredible.

That's how I feel about Daryl. I didn't want just anybody. I wanted someone incredible, and it took me a while to run into someone incredible.

If only I could somehow tell the world in a televised event, such as this one or this one.

Thing I'm thankful for: my handsome blue-eyed and brilliant husband, Daryl.


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