Sunday, September 13, 2020

Happy Birthday to Daryl!

It was Daryl's birthday on Friday, and it was actually a difficult day for everyone, so I didn't get a chance to properly highlight him on here. As such, I will list 10 things I love about him:
  • He gives the best hugs and cuddles.
  • He seasons food to perfection and usually cooks dinner.
  • He reads to the kids and me every night, and he reads well!
  • He listens to me prattle on about anything and everything.
  • He shares all the chores.
  • He teaches me about the things he knows and is patient when I ask questions.
  • He waters all the indoor plants.
  • He compliments me regularly.
  • He taught himself to play piano, and he plays it beautifully.
  • He looks good in a race car! (See the photo above!)

Happy 39th, Daryl! I love you so much! You make life better!

Thing I'm thankful for: tomato sandwiches

Saturday, September 12, 2020

I Am 38 Going on 70

 This is a picture of my nightstand:

I just bought this a couple of days ago 'cause I was tired of keeping track of all my pills and when I had taken them last. It's a little depressing.

Thing I'm thankful for: simple usable products