Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Adult Songs

I grew up on the best musicals. My mom loves "My Fair Lady" and "The Sound of Music" and wanted to share those stories with my siblings and me, as any sane parent would. I mostly watched "Annie" and "Funny Girl" and a few others on repeat, but still, I fast-forwarded through the "adult" songs. As a child, "adult" songs meant the subdued ones that adults sing to each other. I had no idea what they were about, but I remember thinking, "This is boring." So for example, all the songs in "The Sound of Music" were fun and exciting to me, and then the scene in the gazebo came . . . The one with Captain von Trapp and Maria. Yuck. What were they even singing about? I didn't let the scene play long enough to find out. I just went straight to the part where they were singing with their kids in the festival. Whew! Boring adult material avoided!

A funny thing happened, though, as I grew older. I started to understand and even like those "adult" songs. In fact, they're my favorite songs in those musicals now. My childhood self would be horrified––absolutely horrified––to know that I listen to the adult songs on repeat. But the depth! The depth of those wonderful songs––what I recognize now as love songs––sometimes leaves me in tears.

Here are some of my favorites:

Something Good, The Sound of Music

I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face, My Fair Lady

People, Funny Girl

You Are Woman, I Am Man, Funny Girl

My Man, Funny Girl

Thing I'm thankful for: MommyDaddy


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