Sunday, March 01, 2015

My Stance on Public Engagements

I met up with some friends for karaoke last night. (It was my first time, but that's another post for another day.) Early in the evening, Brian got up to sing "Fools Rush In." (Nice song choice, Brian!) He was pointedly singing it to his girlfriend, Julie, and at the end of the song, he got down on his knee, pulled a little black box out of his jacket pocket, and asked her to marry him.

Just like everyone else in the place, I clapped my hands and cheered loudly because I'm truly happy for both of them. And boy, would that take guts! I can only imagine how nerve-wracking the whole thing was for Brian! He pulled it off, though, and it was great.

But here's what: I decided I definitely wouldn't want a public engagement. I have thought that for some time, but last night, I was certain. No whoops and cheers for me, please, unless it's after the fact. I want something quiet and simple. Or loud and complex, for that matter. Just as long as it's private, I'll take it.

So. If anybody was planning on proposing to me any time soon, just make a mental note, okay? 'Cause if you do it in public, I'll say no without batting an eye.

Thing I'm thankful for: vacuum cleaners


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