Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wavy Lines

I awoke to this today:

The first time I saw those wavy lines, I didn't know what they meant. I thought maybe my weather app wasn't working or that maybe hadn't synced with my phone yet and the wavy lines were just a placeholder until all the data was downloaded. When the lines persisted, though, I tapped on the widget to for details. This is what I saw:

Fog! Wavy lines meant fog!

When fog moves into the cities along the Bay, it often looks like a huge, white marshmallow, creeping in and threatening to suffocate everything in its path. It's both beautiful and foreboding, and it's astonishing to me that it happens on a regular basis. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it.

Thing I'm thankful for: sunshine

*The wavy lines are a level of abstraction that doesn't really make sense to me. A graphic of a cloud signifies cloudy skies, a sun signifies sunny skies, and raindrops signify rain. It only seems to follow that fog would be a translucent cloud or a puffy-looking blob. (Or a marshmallow?) But wavy lines? I don't understand.


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