Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh, Canada! With Pictures!

It's been over two weeks since I went to Canada, and I'm just now posting the pictures!  And besides pictures, I'll tell you a few more observations I made in Canada:
  • Toronto is a lot bigger than I expected.  In fact, it usually falls around 4th or 5th on the list of most populous (populated?) cities in North America.  Wow!
  • People who live in Toronto love Toronto.  A lot.
  • People pronounce their ou's and a's kinda funny here.  Also, ai's are different, as are orr's, as in "sorry" or "tomorrow."  I like it.  Ask me to speak in Canadian for you sometime.  :)
  • People weren't kidding when they said the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is better.  It totally is.  It's too bad we didn't have time to stop for pictures . . .  Just know that if you only ever see the American side of the Falls, you're missing out!
Above all, though, the thing that impressed me most about Canada was not actually Canada itself; it was Lake Ontario.  Wow!  Even now, I can hardly believe it's a lake, and it's on the smaller side of The Great Lakes!  It looks like an ocean!  I'm talkin' waves and sand, folks.  And I-can't-see-to-the-other-side.  It's unbelievable!  Sometimes I catch myself pondering on the wonder that is The Great Lakes while I'm at work or walking around Austin or doing any number of random things.  I want to go back; I want to see all of them!

Now for the pictures!

Oh, Canada!

Thing I'm thankful for: Atlantic salmon


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Awesome. You made me want to go there.

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