Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Nothings: Best of 2010

I realize I'm almost nine months late on this post, but I truly do believe that late is better than never. Besides, who would I be if I wasn't late?

Without further ado, here are my most popular blog posts* from 2010, with just a few of my favorites thrown in.

Ranting but Not Raving
My Siblings, or I Can't Believe I Know These People!
You May All Go to Hell, and I Will Go to Texas!
When We're Helping, We're Happy
I am Iron Man
"That's so Sara Snow!"
Enoch's Tears and God's Rainbow
Weekend of Firsts
Good-bye, MommyDaddy and Good-bye, House
Open Letter to Alexandre Dumas
Careful, I May Be Editing Your Writing!
Last Meal
Amen to that!
The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright!
Pet Peeve No. 1
Call Me Google
Never Have I Ever . . .
Going for the Gold
Let's Talk about Figure Skating

*I determined popularity by number of comments. For a post to be popular, it had to garner at least five comments.

Thing I'm thankful for: easy bread recipes


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