Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pro Chocolate: Resurrected

I've been blogging lately, but not on Busy Nothings.

I have another blog called Pro Chocolate, and I hadn't written on it since 2007. The chocolate theme was really starting to frustrate me because it was so restrictive. A few months ago, though, I decided that it could be a general food and baking blog. One that is "pro chocolate." But that doesn't mean I can't also write about food that isn't chocolate!

Without further ado, then, here are my recent posts:
The King and I
Whole Grain Mac 'n' Cheese!

Thing I'm thankful for: sunny afternoons


Blogger Melissa said...

First of have a chocolate blog and didn't tell me??? Second, Hyrum's birthday cake was so incredible!! Everyone LOVED it. I have the recipe on my blog...but it is really just a blog for me so no one knows about it :) It is under desserts :)

2:16 PM  

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