Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where has All the Gas Gone?

For those of you not experiencing a fuel deficit, let me show you what it looks like:

Here, you'll see that there is no fuel at this particular station. The station does know, however, that when they do have regular fuel, they'll charge at least four dollars. Atlanta gas had been around $3.79.

I remembered I had my camera too late, and by the time I took pictures, I was already reaching the limit on gas I could buy, so rather than anger a patient line of prospective customers with idling engines, I hastily took my snapshots. The result is that in the picture below, you can't really understand the full effect of this gas shortage. The line for the Citgo was spilling into the road—there were probably about 15–20 cars waiting for their turns.

Below, you can see that that the station only had one type of fuel. There was also a limit to the amount of gas you could buy—$40. Forty bucks bought me almost a full tank, which was pretty good. I was expecting less. I think the price per gallon was $4.29.

So that's what it's been like here in Atlanta for the last week and a half or so. Who knows when it'll let up? I'm hoping it's soon; I think it will be.

Oh, yeah—why the gas crunch, you ask? Hurricanes in the U.S. Gulf Coast . . . Read more: Atlanta Gas Crunch: 'We've Got No Gas Here' and Gas Shortage Makes Finding Fuel a Challenge.

Thing I'm thankful for: Well, lots of things, really. In light of this post, I'll just say that I'm thankful for fuel, the money to pay for it, a job, my family and friends, and my health. I'll be honest, I'm pretty anxious about life for a while—what with the economy the way it is and natural disasters abounding. Time to really live providently.


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