Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fulfilling Work

Many of you wonder what I do. Well, it's not that spectacular, but I like it alright. I edit copy, organize information, and post published material onto my CDC division's Web site. I'm the junior Web developer.

Now what's interesting is what my division does. I always tell people I work for the boring disease center, the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. There are no ebola viruses passing my way. Ever. No, the center I'm in focuses on disease prevention and overall health promotion. My division takes that attitude, and applies it to youth.

One of the campaigns my division organized was VERB. It's received world-wide recognition for the sensational marketing strategy. The strategy consisted of public service announcements, TV and magazine ads, and the dissemination of sports equipment. The whole purpose of this campaign was to encourage tweens to get out and play. It was a CDC campaign to teach youth all over the world to be physically active. Of course, the hope is that this campaign will help to decrease child obesity in the long run, and from the campaign evaluation, it seems to have accomplished exactly that.

Anyway, it's neat to see people caring about other people and about kids. It's great to see the impact of government programs and that if executed well, these programs and campaigns can have amazing results. It's also nice to work for an organization that you believe in. Of course there are things I dislike about work, but overall, I'd say I have it pretty good.

Thing I'm thankful for: vanilla yogurt with granola mixed in. YUM.


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