Friday, December 22, 2006

Hot Chocolate Party

Last Saturday, I went ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park with lots of people from church, and afterward, some of them came over to my apartment for hot chocolate (Except it wasn't that cold, really. Darn that warm weather!). But I'm glad people still came over. :)

Here are the pictures from the night:

Andrea, Jennifer, Clint (What is he doing?), and Ashley. Fine people indeed.

Jeremy. He helped out and made the hot chocolate. (Thanks, Jewemy!)

David didn't want his picture taken, so he made a silly face. Well, little did he know, his picture would be on my blog for all the world to see! (If he really wants me to take it off, I will.) ;)

Hillary and Michelle. What a wonderful picture, huh? All the colors go together so nicely. And I just love Michelle's striped shirt, which is funny because I think she said it was from Banana Republic. (See Holiday Work Party = Day of Anxiety.)

New friends Rreza (spelling?) and Erin.

Ben (who somehow cut his thumb and waited patiently while I remembered, then forgot, then remembered to get a Band-Aid) and Oren.

Jacob and Rachel. (No, not the ones from the Bible.)

Steven and Liz.


Ashley and . . . er, Ashley's friend. :(

Liz and the Great Jenean.

Loranna (spelling?), Ben, Jenean, and Jeremy.

I don't quite know what was going on here, but there was a lot of laughter. That's a green mint M&M on Ben's ear . . .

Oren, who looks very relaxed here . . .

I had so much fun that night. I love hosting parties, although I think it was small enough to count as only a get-together . . . Thanks for coming, friends!

Thing I'm thankful for: my Crate and Barrel hot chocolate mugs. I got them on sale!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I can't get David to sit down and let me take a picture without him making a crazy face either. The Punk!

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Sara parties are all the rage!! Look at how happy everyone is to be there! There should definitely be more of them ;) And those mugs were freakin adorable!! Good call :)

6:57 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Aww... Weird to read about parties I did't go to! And we really haven't hung out in way too long. We better do that soon and watch Evelyn!

8:13 AM  

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