Monday, January 09, 2006

Super News Revealed

Okay, okay. At the time I posted that teaser, I was really excited about what had just occurred. I was too excited to not blog anything, but too tired to write everything. Now that I look back at that post, I feel kind of silly. You'd think I had gotten engaged or something -- I wish.

Anyway, what happened was that I won free tickets to The Strokes concert in Atlanta tonight! I know it doesn't sound amazing unless you are a Strokes fan, but lemme tell you -- it was. See, the concert is a very small one; tickets to be sold were limited to 300. And they could only be purchased at the Atlanta venue. There were about 200 more tickets, though, and the only way to get those was to win them from radio station 99x. What are the chances, right?

So my mom drove Lexi to the venue on Thursday. Lexi stood in line for a while, only to find out that all 300 tickets had already been sold! We had to somehow win twice in order for me, Lexi, and Lauren to go to the show because 99x gave the tickets away in pairs. Here's the way it worked: Every hour, every day, for three days, a 99x deejay announced the call-in time, and the caller dials the number, hoping she is say, the 15th caller.

But no one I know listens to the radio. So Thursday night, there Lexia and I were, not listening to the radio, and Lexi says, "I'm just gonna call in now and see what happens." It was 9:24. She won.

But that's her story. Mine is the story of a totally loyal friend. I was excited that Lexi won tickets for us, but I was also a little disappointed that there wasn't another one for Lauren. So I told Lauren that if she would incessantly call 99x, I would too, and somehow we'd win her a ticket. I didn't really believe myself, though. Friday passed, and no ticket had been won. "That's it!" I thought. "I'm putting my all into this!" (I hadn't really been calling incessantly.) So from about 11:00 p.m. on Friday to 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning, I sat in front of the computer, listened to online radio and called whenever the deejay told me to.

The thing about calling to win tickets is that it gets kind of addictive -- for me, anyway. With every new hour, I thought, "This is the hour. I'm gonna get it right this time." And every hour, I did get a little better at listening and dialing. You really have to time your call right, too. If you call too quickly, you might be the 2nd caller. If you call too late, all you get is a busy signal. The key was to be the 15th. So I set the redial button. At about 4:15 a.m. -- the call-in time for that hour -- I pushed redial. "99x! 5th caller." That's what I heard, and I thought I was definitely too early. How could I win now? How could I push 'Off', 'Redial', and 'On' and still make the 15th spot? No way. But I tried again, heard a few rings, and this is basically how the conversation went:

"Hello. 99x."
"Hi. Have you already got a winner?"
"Am I the 15th caller?"
"I AM???"
>>Some contact information was given. Incidentally, the guy is from Douglasville. Neat. <<
"Did I really win?"
"You really won."

That's basically it. It was really fun/exciting/amazing/etc. Mostly, it's just really crazy that I won -- that Lexi and I both won! I think winning these tickets might be more fun than the actual show. I mean, the only other raffle-type thing I've won was a drawing for a Michael's framing gift certificate.

Check my blog in a couple days, and I will most likely have Strokes pictures posted.

Thing I'm thankful for: modern medicine. Thank you, Alexander Fleming.


Blogger Blake said...

Great story to go with a solid band.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AND we got a tour of 99x when Sara and I went to pick up the tickets Saturday. However, that is another story. We got there too late to pick them up, a couple of men let us in the building anyway, we waited in the hallway at the station and our new friend Jeff walked by, helped us out, and gave us a tour of the station. The rest is history.

Thing I'm thankful for: Julian

12:24 AM  
Blogger Leezy Lindsey said...

What are the chances of that happening? Great story and well told! I hope you guys had fun!!!

11:58 PM  

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